Aug 20, 2017

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Kin's Settlement "Blagoe"

The wonderful settlement of Blagoe has existed for more than seven years. There are about ten families who spend the winter here, as well as families with two and three children.

We have many springs and forests here. Nearby is a mud volcano with therapeutic muds. It is 30 km to the sea...

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Substitution of Image Concepts

The Occult Age, from which, according to Anastasia, we have only just begun to extricate ourselves, is based, in many respects, on the substitution of the meaning of Vedic images with occult or even simply negative concepts.

This is why distorted images often lead people in a wrong direction and compel them to make mistakes...

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Kin's Settlement "Polesye"

I want to create Paradise on earth for my beloved, for my descendants! I want to be happy! I want my children to be happy! I want the world to change and everyone to be happy! I want everyone to want this!

I have 240 hectares of land that I want and am able to distribute for Kin's Settlements...

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Ringing Cedars Of Russia's Facebook Community

Ringing Cedars of Russia has created Official Facebook community, which will allow Ringing Cedars' friends to share knowledge and ideas, instantly interact with other members, and receive occasional news and updates.

Please fill free to engage in social discussion or leave feedback on our "Wall". The "Wall" section will be periodically updated to include the latest news on variety of health related topics.

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